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In this site contain Offense PS attacking method, Defense PS attacking method and PS reward calculation. I given the detailed explanation and example also provided for PS attacking method. This site help you to increase your army and save many troops with proper way of attacking PS.


Your Haven is the focal point of your Pirating Universe. Here is the place you will procure and add to your Resources with a specific end goal to propel the development of the greater part of your structures as you ascend in notoriety as a Captain. You have your Harbor to defend your Fleet and Crew, and in addition Haven Defense developments to secure the majority of the goods you acquire on your assaults and missions. Utilize your Pirate Stronghold to deal with all that is under your control and even check your Captain's Log to see who is companion or who is enemy! Keep in mind to snatch your day by day free abundance from the tides encompassing your Haven!


Revelations give you the innovation important to accomplish enormity on the Seven Seas. So as to propel your Discoveries, you should check day by day for Sketches. To start with however, you should develop the Observatory to start inquiring about new Discoveries that will permit you to build new Buildings and Units. The speedier you overhaul your Observatory, the snappier you can lead new research. To Research new Discoveries, you should guarantee that your Gold, Lumber, and Rum creation is as high as could be expected under the circumstances in light of the fact that Discoveries increment in expense the higher the level you progress. Each day you will get another Sketch from your Tinker. When you have the full number of Sketches required for a Discovery, you can examine the Discovery for the given measure of Resources. On the off chance that you wish to accelerate the procedure, you can buy Sketches from the Smuggler's Den with your in-amusement cash, Rubies.


The Resources you require inside of the diversion are Gold, Lumber, and Rum. You can develop various structures for every Resource (i.e. you can develop the Rum Distillery 6 times) and after that raise the level of every building up to Level 20, for an expense that shifts relying upon the sort of Resource. You will require the Resources to advance through the numerous difficulties and encounters that you will experience every day. You require Rum to keep up the effectiveness and faithfulness of your Crew – if your Rum generation is not sufficiently high then your Crew will gradually surrender you and your Haven. Ensure you raise the Levels of your Rum Distilleries and Windmill to expand Rum creation, and keep your Crew upbeat. You will likewise need to raise the level of your Rum Cellars to guarantee you can store more Rum. Your companions and Brotherhood individuals can blessing you Rum in the event that you require it, or you can likewise exchange some for Timber or Gold at the Market. In any case, the best and most Pirate path is to Raid and take what you require from different Haven.